About the Guadalupe County Fair

Mission & Purpose

These activities, membership, scholarship andd educational opportunities provided by the Guadalupe Agricultural and Livestock and Fair Association are open to all people 18 years of age or older, regardless of social, economic level, race, color, sex, religion, handicap or national origin.

Our purpose is to encourage agricultural, horticultural and stock farming through the maintenance of public fair and exhibits of stock and farm products.

Our purpose is to foster and promote these activities conducted by the Association, and to provide to the general public the educational opportunities associated with those activities.

Our purpose is to encourage and stimulate economic activity in Seguin and Guadalupe County by the attraction of visitors to the various activities promoted by the Association


  • President: Rick Johnston
  • 1st Vice President: Randy Warncke
  • 2nd Vice President: Mary Jahns
  • Recording Secretary: Tom Fox
  • Treasurer: Melissa Underwood

Directors (3 Year Term)

  • Kayla Childs
  • Tim Dudley
  • Tom Fox
  • Terri Hill
  • Mike Schmedding

Directors (2 Year Term)

  • Everett Brown
  • Kim Clingingsmith
  • Lonnie Garza
  • Gay Lynn Olsovsky
  • Randy Warncke

Directors (1 Year Term)

  • Randy Cowan
  • Barbara Good
  • Mary Jahns
  • Rick Johnston
    Melissa Underwood

Honorary Directors

Willie Johnston, Tuddy Dietz, Gaye Talley, Danny Williams, Cleburne Roecker, Russell Bading, Jack Mock, Buddy and Jenny Siltmann, Bill Leaf, Faye Talley, Sylvia Kelso, Ida Mae Schulz, and Virginia Bugai.

The Guadalupe County Fair Association posthumously honors the following directors for their years of service: Avis Forshage, Robert Lowman, Ron Velich, Kermit Harborth and Don Clark.

Directors at Large

All Extension Agents: Jeff Hanselka, Travis Franke, Dr. Charla Bading, Matt Miranda

Seguin Area Chamber of Commerce

Kendy Gravett

Seguin Guadalupe Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Louis R. Ramiriez Sr.

Members (Membership Application and Guidelines)

Sarah Bailey, Bryan Bittner, Melissa Clark, Kayla Childs, Randy Cowan, Keenia Cowey, Gail Damerau, Zack Douglas, Shannon Ealy, Jo Ann Maples, Amber Hellums, Sarah Louque, Terry Mayfield, Kathleen McCarty, Eric McLendon, Christie McLendon, Teddy Olsovsky, Brenda Spaulding, Denise Wakefield, Becky Warnecke, Ginny Fox, Debbie Farrar, Mendi Hartung, Vera Lane, Lynn Lehman, Debbie Wolter, Randy Roecker, Cynthia Korenek-Flowers, Ernie Freeland


In keeping with the mission and purpose we have been able to provide the use of our facilities to the local 4H and FFA clubs valuing over $4,000 per year, assist annually with Pecan Classic and the Guadalupe County Youth Show by discounting our facilities over $4000 per year and purchase over $3000 in show projects directly from the youth that participate. We believe these organizations and purchases are worthy of the support and are instrumental in the development of a strong future for this community.

In addition we were able to award four scholarships to deserving students totaling $5,500 as well as donating $500 and challenging other local companies to match us in helping to send the 4H Livestock Judging Team to the International contest in Scotland, Ireland and England for the Royal Highlander Show.