Guadalupe County Fair & Rodeo

2nd Weekend October

Baby Barnyard by Bunky & Connie Boger

Wednesday - Thursday Oct. 11 & 12 - School Tours
Thursday-5pm - Sunday, October 12-15 - Open to Public
Barnyard closes October 15th @ 6pm

Join the Guadalupe County Fair & Rodeo Association by welcoming the 2017 Baby Barnyard, one of our top events.

Farm Animal Specialties, presented by Connie & Bunky Boger. The exhibit with live animals will be available for schools, home schools, private schools and daycares and are encouraged to participate!

If you would like more details on a presentation, tour schedule, schedule your class for a tour or any other information please contact Gail Damerau at 830-914-3735, Large groups please call for reservations. Slots fill up quickly, so reserve your spot early!

Family Owned And Operated By
Bunky and Connie Boger
13231 Hickory Creek Road
Lowell, Arkansas 72745

Surely to be one of your most memorable and talked-about attractions.
One of the most popular attractions at fairs all over the country, our hands-on interactive educational presentations are a hit for kids and adults of all ages.

  .We offer a variety of popular and exciting attractions such as:

  • Hands-on Dairy Cow Milking
  • Chicken Hatching
  • Egg-producing Hens
  • Farmyard Geese and Ducks
  • Calves
  • Petting Farm Animals
  • Plony rides
  • Sow and Pig Display
  • Sheep and Lamb Display
  • and a Beef Display (featuring beef cattle of several different breeds)

    Successful both in venues with large livestock or agriculture displays as well as in large metropolitan areas that don't have access to this type of farm program, Animal Specialties tailors its educational programs to the specific needs of your patrons.
    • Our hands-on milking demonstration allows fair-goers to actually milk a cow by hand. Participants receive a sticker announcing that they milked a cow at the the fair. Fun for both children and adults.
    • Along with the dairy cows are several calves that can be petted and fed. Some of the calves are the babies of the cows that are milking and fair-goers can bottle-feed them.
    • Your patrons can also watch eggs hatch into baby chickens each day of the fair. People marvel at the process and many comment that it is the first time they have seen a chicken hatch. This display delights young and old alike. Hatcheries are usually available to set the eggs 20 days before the fair starts.
    • We also present a display of egg producing hens and a farmyard flock of ducks, geese, chickens, and other poultry.
    • Far beyond any typical petting zoo, our petting FARM includes several types of sheep, goats, and other farm animals. Children can pet and feed all the animals (which are all visitor-friendly and love attention.


Join us for the fun at the GCFA Baby Barnyard

Baby Barnyard at the Guadalupe County Fair the 2nd weekend of October   Come visit the Baby Barnyard at the Guadalupe County Fair the 2nd weekend of October

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