Guadalupe County Fair & Rodeo

2nd Weekend October

Rodney Gaston

Barrelman • Professional Rodeo Clown • Specialty Act

Rodney Chuckwagon Races

Chuckwagon racin' .... The ORIGINAL drift cars!! Rollin' and slidin’. This is a Nat'l Finals Rodeo worthy act.

Everybody loves a horse race! Two, four-horse drawn wagons race around the arena in dirt slingin' excitement!

Rodney Chuckwagon Races

Accomplishments & Credential


PRCA Clown of the Year 2002 & 2000, PRCA Comedy Act of the Year- 2002
First Frontier Circuit Finals, PA-2002 & 2003
Texas Circuit Finals- 2000 & 2001
Cowboys Professional Rodeo Association Finals- 1992-1993
Northern Plains Rodeo Association Finals- 1993-1994
Wyoming Rodeo Finals
Twelve Years Riding Bulls
Featured at hundreds of rodeos across the nation

Rodney Gaston understands the priceless value of promoting your rodeo event.

Shotgun and his animals will work with you for pre and post event promotions and photo opportunities. If an appearance at a sponsor's business is in order, Shotgun and his crew will be there and if the media is willing to get a picture of a clown riding an 1800 lb. brahma bull down the street, Shotgun and Doc are willing to hit the pavement!
Rodney Gaston wants to help ensure the success of your rodeo!