Guadalupe County Fair & Rodeo

2nd Weekend October

Guadalupe County Hay Show

Kristie Weller, Michael Woerndel.......................................................Chairmen/Advisors

Navarro FFA Officer Team:

Janae Bruane - - -President
Kalli Kimble - Vice President
Konleigh Eben - - -Secretary
Lauren Elley - - - - Treasurer
Kailey Kuntschik - - Reporter
Kora Wilkins - - - - - Sentinel

..................................................Judge to be announced

1. Entries for the Hay Show will be taken Saturday, Sept. 14, from 9 a.m.-noon at the Womens’ Building, at the Guadalupe County Fairgrounds in Seguin. Samples will be sent to the Texas A&M Forage Testing Lab for chemical analysis. This is the reason samples are due one month ahead of the Fair. (All samples will become property of the Show).
2. This year all entry fees to cover the cost of chemical analysis testing will be paid by HAY SHOW SPONSOR.
3. Judging will be at 10 a.m., Friday Oct. 11, at the Fairgrounds.
4. Entries will consist of a box of hay, to be brought to the fairgrounds for sampling, and left for display until Sunday, Oct. 13.
No full bales need to be brought to the fairgrounds .
5. Exhibitors will be limited to one entry of the same variety or kind in each class, but may enter any number of classes.
6. An entry will be disqualified if it contains an excessive amount of foreign material. This includes, but is not limited to, abusive plants. Presence of mold, rot, excessive mustiness, hardware such as wire, nails or other material dangerous to livestock, also may disqualify any entry. Judges decisions will be final.
7. Label each entry with the name of the exhibitor, address, type of hay and hay show class to be entered. An entry registered in the wrong class will be considered the exhibitor’s error.
8. Ribbons will be awarded to the following classification groupings:

  1. Blue - 85 pts. or above;
  2. Red - 70-84 pts.;
  3. White - 50-69 pts.;
  4. None - Below 50 pts.;
  5. Tri-color rosette for top of each class;
  6. Grand and Reserve Champions as overall of show.

9. Written analysis results are given on each hay sample. No trophies or cash awards.

Official Classification Scoreboard

Factor Grass Hay Grass Hay
Maturity 40 20
Texture (Size of stem & pliability) 20 10
Leafiness 10 35
Freedom from non-injurious foreign material 20 20
Color 10 15
Total 100 100


A complete chemical analysis will be run on each sample and the results of the analysis will determine 50 percent of the total score. The other 50 percent of the total score will be determined by the visual appearance of the sample. Overall scores will be calculated by Standard Hay Show Rules.


  1. Coastal Bermudagrass
  2. Other Bermudagrass
  3. Other Perennial Grasses
  4. Mixed Grasses
  5. Summer Annual Grasses
  6. Winter Annual Grasses
  7. Legumes and Legume-Grass Mixtures