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Home Arts Department - Baked Foods Department at the Guadalupe County Fair

Baked Foods • Home Arts Department • October 7

Guadalupe County Fair & Rodeo Association • 2nd Weekend in October


Chairman: Janice Gangawer 210-912-6804

2021 WINNERS • Baked Foods Department

Karen Doffing
Sherry Rakowitz
Emma Poe
Jada Bloom
Kailey Kuntschik - 2
Luke Anderson
Kenzie Bloom
Mandee Riley
Kaylee Hale
Mia Wright
Charles Dwyer
Caden Bloom
Meagan Ohnheiser – 2
Brody Kowalik
Rebekah Wright

Ribbons: Tri-Color, 1st - Blue, 2nd - Red, 3rd - White

All entries in the Home Arts Division will be accepted on a merit basis and must remain in the Exhibit Hall until Sunday, Oct. 9 . Release time is between 4 & 6 p.m. There will be NO exceptions to the rule. A limited supply of packages of Minigrip bags will be available to participants.


  • Pies (8”) and pastries, tarts and puffs (1 dozen). Any variety
  • Cakes - at least 9”x9”. Any variety
  • Cookies - 1 dozen. Any variety
  • Bars - 1 dozen. Any variety
  • Yeast Bread - 1lb. loaf or rolls (1 dozen) or 10”x13” pan. Any variety.
  • Sweet Yeast - Coffee cakes, sweet rolls (1 dozen) or 10”x13” pan. Any variety
  • Sweet Quick Breads - Full recipe or 9”x9” pan. Any variety
  • Quick Breads - Full recipe or 9”x9” pan. Any variety
  • Bread Machine Breads
  • Decorated Cakes
  • Candy - 1 dozen pieces. Any variety
  • Gluten Free
  • Cake mix as an ingredient
  • “Whoops!” - Any failed baked item


  1. All baked products must be made by exhibitor.
  2. No pre-packed mixes (except Class M). Half of your entry(ies) may be picked up from 1-3 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 6 ONLY!
  3. PLEASE, all items should be on disposable plates, etc. NO LARGER THAN PRODUCT.
  4. NO items will be accepted containing raw eggs or requiring refrigeration.
  5. Recipe may be provided.


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Presale locations include Yaklin Dodge in Seguin, Texas Built Mobile Homes in Seguin and Guadalupe Print Solutions in Seguin.

Information to be announced.

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