Home Arts Department - Baked Foods Department at the Guadalupe County Fair

Baked Foods • Home Arts Department • October 13

Guadalupe County Fair & Rodeo Association • 2nd Weekend in October


Chairman: Janice Gangawer 210-912-5804

Ribbons: Tri-Color, 1st - Blue, 2nd - Red, 3rd - White

All entries in the Home Arts Division will be accepted on a merit basis and must remain in the Exhibit Hall until Sunday, Oct. 15 . Release time is between 4-5:30 p.m. There will be NO exceptions to the rule. A limited supply of packages of Minigrip bags will be available to participants.


  • Pies (8”) and pastries, tarts and puffs (1 dozen). Any variety
  • Cakes - at least 9”x9”. Any variety
  • Cookies - 1 dozen. Any variety
  • Bars - 1 dozen. Any variety
  • Yeast Bread - 1lb. loaf or rolls (1 dozen) or 10”x13” pan. Any variety.
  • Sweet Yeast - Coffee cakes, sweet rolls (1 dozen) or 10”x13” pan. Any variety
  • Sweet Quick Breads - Full recipe or 9”x9” pan. Any variety
  • Quick Breads - Full recipe or 9”x9” pan. Any variety
  • Decorated Cakes
  • Candy - 1 dozen pieces. Any variety
  • Cake mix as an ingredient
  • “Whoops!” - Any failed baked item


  1. All baked products must be made by exhibitor.
  2. No pre-packaged mixes - except where Cake Mix is shown as an ingredient
  3. Half of your entry(ies) may be picked up from 1-3 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 12 ONLY!
  4. PLEASE, all items should be on disposable plates, etc. NO LARGER THAN PRODUCT.
  5. NO items will be accepted containing raw eggs or requiring refrigeration.
  6. Recipe may be provided.


2021 WINNERS • Baked Foods Department

Karen Doffing
Sherry Rakowitz
Emma Poe
Jada Bloom
Kailey Kuntschik - 2
Luke Anderson
Kenzie Bloom
Mandee Riley
Kaylee Hale
Mia Wright
Charles Dwyer
Caden Bloom
Meagan Ohnheiser – 2
Brody Kowalik
Rebekah Wright

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