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Home Arts Department - Baked Foods Department at the Guadalupe County Fair

Crafts • Home Arts Department • October 7

Guadalupe County Fair & Rodeo Association • 2nd Weekend in October


Chairman: Susan Bernhard 830-832-3932
Co-Chairman: Sandy Ulrich


Mary Capehart
Saydie Simpson
Rex Rohde
Randy Harper
Max Hester

Ribbons: Tri-Color, 1st - Blue, 2nd - Red, 3rd - White

Previous entries will not be accepted. All entries in the Home Arts Division will be accepted on a merit basis and must remain in the Exhibitors Hall until Sunday, Oct. 9 . Release time is between the hours of 4 & 6 p.m. There will be NO exceptions to this rule. Please refer to Home Arts Division rules.


  1. Adult
  2. High School (9-12)
  3. Middle School (5-8)
  4. Elementary (1-4)
  5. Pre-School & Kindergarten
  6. Exceptional


A. Ceramics

  • Stained or Painted
  • Wheel-thrown
  • Hand built
  • Porcelain

B. Metal

  • Hand-shaped sculpture
  • Painted or decorated
  • Miscellaneous
  • Constructed (tools)

C. Wood

  • Constructed (Painted or decorated)
  • Carved
  • Miscellaneous

D. Jewelry

  • Metal
  • Beads and Shells
  • Macrame
  • Miscellaneous

E. Leather

  • Constructed (Painted or stained) - (From leather pieces or kit)
  • Clothing
  • Miscellaneous

F. Seasonal

  • Christmas
  • Ceramics
  • Ornaments (Ceramic and other)
  • Other seasonal

G. Arrangements & Wreaths

H. Foam Products

I. Textiles

  • String art
  • Yarn
  • Other
  • Clothing
  • Painted
  • Decorated
  • Plastic canvas

J. Paper

K. Rocks (Polished, Goods, Sculpture)

L. Mosaics

M. Sculpture

  • Clay
  • Soft

N. Clocks

O. Recyclable

  • 2020 Theme (Farm life)

P. Dolls

  • Porcelain
  • Plastic
  • Cloth

Q. Miscellaneouos


S. Beads

T. Duck Tape

Note: All projects must have been sculpted/created by the participant between the dates of Oct. 1, 2020 and the 2021 time of entry. Each participant may enter up to 1 camera. Item must resemble a camera of modern or past. Size: must be at least 3 sq. inches and no greater than 1 sq. ft. in size.

Fair & Rodeo Tickets

Presale locations include Yaklin Dodge in Seguin, Texas Built Mobile Homes in Seguin and Guadalupe Print Solutions in Seguin.

Information to be announced.

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