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Guadalupe County Fair & Rodeo Association • 2nd Weekend in October


Chairman: Amanda Peterson 830-221-0401

Ribbons: Tri-Color, 1st - Blue, 2nd - Red, 3rd - White

Entries will be accepted and displayed in the Coliseum on a merit basis. Previous entries will not be accepted. All entries must remain in the Exhibit Hall until Sunday, Oct. 15 . Release time is between the hours of 4 -5:30 p.m. ONLY. There will be NO exceptions to this rule Please refer to Home Arts Division rules.

Guadalupe County Fair Photography Rules 2022

  1. All photos mujst have been taken by the exhibitor between Oct. 1, 2021 and the time of entry.
  2. Each exhibitor may enter up to six photos in the categories of their choosing.
  3. Competition is open to amateur photographers both youth and adult in all categories.
    A. Competition is open to amateur photographers both youth and adult in all categories.
  4. Labeling: On the back of each photo please include the following:
    1. Exhibitor's name and phone number
    2. Division
    3. Photo Category
  5. Size: Each photo must by 8" x 10" - no other sizes will be accepted.
  6. Mounting: All photos must be mounted on photographic foam or mount board no larger than the photo. Self-adhesive foam mount is recommended. no additional frames or mats will be accepted. if the foam photographic mount board is not cut to size in a professional manner the photo may not be accepted for competition.
  7. Velcro: All photos must have hook side velcro applied to the top corners of the photo to be mounted for display.
  8. Photo Categories — Color & Black & White photos are shown together:
    1. Animals - Domestic: Photos focusing on the various animals that have been tamed and made fit for a human environment. To be considered domestic, the animal must have their behavior, life cycle, or physiology systemically altered as a result of being under human control for many generations.
    2. Animals - Wildlife: Category focuses on animals not tamed or domesticated and commonly found in the wilderness or the bodies of water throughout the county and world. Photos can be of wildlife in nature, zoos, and /or petting zoos.
    3. Catch all: Category for photos that DO NOT CLEARLY FIT into one of the other categories.
    4. Details & Macro: Getting in close is the name of the game for this category. We welcome pictures of small details that suggest a larger story. Thus us also the place for Macro photographs (although a macro image of a flower might equally go into the flowers category).
    5. Elements of Design: Image use of graphic elements of design. Photos that showcase line, shape, pattern, form , texture, perspectives,etc.
      Photo can consist of any subject matter. Category is not for graphic illustrations made in commercial programs (i.e. Adobe illustrator) nor for extreme digital creations.
    6. Enhanced: A single photo that has been technically manipulated to be an abstract, panoramic, stitched or composite images. Other variations are allowed as well.
    7. Food: Category is a still life specialization of photography, aimed at producing attractive photographs of food foe use in such items of advertisements, packaging, menus and /or cookbooks.
    8. Landscape & nature (non-Animal): The focus of this category includes landscapes, outdoor scenes nature images, sunsets, urban landscapes, seascapes, city scapes, and farms Images focus on the beauty of the outdoors.
    9. Leading Line: This image composition technique features lines that draw the viewer’s eye from point A to point B, which is the primary subject. Example: A river that begins in the foreground and draws your attention to a photogenic bridge in the background.
    10. Long Exporsure: Also known as time-exposure or slow-shutter, this technique involves using a long duration shutter speed. It can be used to sharply capture stationary elements of an image while blurring, smearing, or obscuring the moving elements. It is also used in lowlight conditions. Examples: fireworks, moving water, light trials, Milky Way, light painting, night or low-light conditions, etc
    11. Motion/ Action: the capture of movement within a single photo.
    12. People: Photos focus from all walks of life parenting and family, children babies, models/fashion, sports and couples.
    13. Plant/Flora: Photos of interesting p, unique and beautiful flower and flora. Photography can occur outdoors or indoors. Photo subject should be that of a single flower, plant, bush, tree, etc. Large collections of plant/flora should be considered for entry into the nature/landscape category.
    14. Shadow/Silhouette: A silhouette is an outline that appears dark (typically a single color) with little or no details/features against a brighter ackground. Recording patterns of light and shade for a desired effect or emphasis is the definition of a shadow. The silhouette or shadow must be the primary subject and focus of the image. Examples: shadows/silhouettes of people, plants, animals, structures, architectures, or natural structures. Not allowed: reflections


Best of Show Adult
Heather Eaton
Best Of Show Youth
Rhett Rohde
Tri-Color Ribbon
Laura Miller
Aliana Garcia
Krista Schultze
Jacqueline Springs
Stevo Carrasco
Rhett Rohde 2
Kristy Smith 3
Remington Rohde 2
Sara Sosa
Rex Rohde
Rex Rohde
Grace Vogel
Heather Eaton
Jana Elam
Holly Alderson

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