Guadalupe County Fair & Rodeo

2nd Weekend October

Livestock General Rules & Regulations

The following rules and regulations shall be followed by exhibitors as presented by the Board of Directors of the Guadalupe Agriculture & Livestock Fair.

1. The Fair will be open officially at 5 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 10 . All exhibits in place by 11 a.m. Friday, Oct. 11 , except when specified.

2. Entry forms must be received by specified deadlines. See department rules for more information 3. Entry Fee must accompany application for space in Beef, Sheep. Space and pens will be assigned in the order received. (See Department Rules about amount.) Entries will not be accepted unless accompanied by entry fee.

4. Competition is welcome from all Texas exhibitors. All exhibitors must be familiar with the rules and regulations set forth herein.

5. Awards to be given in departments with competition. Competition shall be considered when three (3) or more animals of the same breed and sex are exhibited, except where specifically stated. When one or two of the breed and sex are entered, those animals will show in the “all other participating breeds class,” except where specifically stated.

6. The Guadalupe Agriculture and Livestock Fair will exercise due care of all exhibits, but in no case will it be responsible for accidents or loss.

7. All premium money will be paid by voucher immediately after the judging is completed, except when specified. Vouchers will not be honored after closing date of the Fair. See Cattle Rules.

8. Aisles and stalls must be kept clean by the exhibitors. Trash and litter shall be placed outside of barns at designated places. All bedding shall be cleaned and livestock in stalls or pens by 9 a.m. each day. Place refuse in dumpsters.

9. No bedding for sheep. No hay on shavings in cattle barn.

10. No lottery or gambling will be tolerated on the grounds.

11. Release of entries will be on or after Sunday, Oct. 13 at 7:30 p.m., except by special permission of General Livestock Superintendent.

12. Animals exhibited must be of desirable breeding quality, but need not be registered. See Catalog Rules.

13. Exhibitors must have been the owner of sheep and goats for at least (60) days prior to the opening of the Fair.

14. All exhibitors of livestock must display a sign over their entry indicating the name of the owner and exhibitor. The Livestock Superintendent will designate location of all signs.

15. Awards are ordered on basis of entries made on or before Oct. 1.

16. Only First Prize winning animals are eligible to compete for Grand Championship honors.

The Guadalupe County Fair Association reserves to its Board of Directors the final and absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations and thereto otherwise arising out of or connected with an incident to the show and the right to add to or amend or subtract from these rules by 2/3 majority vote of elected Board of Directors. All exhibitors are expected to conduct themselves properly as they represent not only themselves, but their school, their organization and their parents.