Miss Rodeo Guadalupe County Contest with the selection of Miss, Teen & Princess at the Guadualupe County in October.

Miss Rodeo Guadalupe County Contest
Selection of Miss, Teen & Princess

Miss Tessa Howard
Princess Railee Childs
Teen Kristina Ribbeck

Guadalupe County Fair & Rodeo Association • 2nd weekend in October

Chair: Bridget McIntosh 830-832-5009  •  brayeh2013@gmail.com
Co-Chair: Ashlee Carley 830-305-9877

  • Horsemanship Location - Video Entry
  • Stage Location - TBD
  • Mandatory Meeting - August 12 at 9am
  • Contest - August 12 at 10am

CONTEST RULES (combined)

  1. Miss Contestants must be single, between the ages of 20 & not over 25 by the first day of the pagent.
    Teen Contestants must be single, between the ages of 14 & 19 by the first day of the pagent.
    Princess contestants must be between the ages of 9 & 13 by the first day of the pagent.
  2. Must be a Texas resident for at least the past 6 months.
  3. All contestants must be dressed in western attire and display their horsemanship ability by video submission. All age groups will consist of a horsemanship pattern, railwork, and queen run. All will model and answer questions on stage along with private interviews. Miss & Teen contestants will be required to do a 1-2 minute speech on the Guadalupe County Fair & Rodeo.
  4. No individual sponsors allowed.
  5. Past and reigning Miss, Teen & Princess (Miss & Little) are not eligible to participate in their respective age groups.
  6. Miss & Teen contestants must never have been married and without dependents and if crowned, must remain unmarried and without dependents for the duration of their reign.
  7. Entry fee of $50.

Selection of Miss Rodeo Guadalupe County - Teen & Princess

  1. Contestants will be judged on public speaking, personality, appearance, interview and horsemanship.
  2. Judging will be done by three to five judges.
  3. Presentation of Miss Rodeo Guadalupe County, Teen & Princess and 1st runner-ups will immediately follow the contest. New court will be officially presented during the Guad. County PRCA Rodeo the 2nd weekend in October.


  • Miss Rodeo Guad. Co. will receive a Double J saddle, Lonestar Silversmith Crown, Sash, and Photography session.
  • Miss Rodeo Guad. Co. Teen will receive a Double J Breast Collar and Bridel, Lonestar Silversmith Crown, Sash and Second Photography session.
  • Miss Rodeo Guad. Co. Princess will receive a Double J saddle pad, Sash, and Photography session.
  • Horsemanship in each age group will receive a Lonestar Silversmith belt buckle and Double J halter.

Entry Forms

Entry forms can be found on Facebook or please contact Bridget McIntosh at brayeh2013@gmail.com. Entry deadline and meeting is Saturday, August 12th at 9am. No horses will be needed, but contestants will need to dress in western attire with cowboy hats for pictures. This will be an informational meeting with all important dates and expectations for the contest and appearances for the court.


We would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to the sponsors of the Miss Rodeo Contest at the Guadalupe County Fair. Their unwavering support and generous contributions have played a vital role in making this event a tremendous success. Their commitment to our community and the Western way of life has allowed us to provide a platform for talented young women to showcase their skills, promote rodeo culture, and pursue their dreams. We are truly grateful for their partnership and look forward to their continued support in the future.

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