Guadalupe County Fair & Rodeo

2nd Weekend October

PRCA Rodeo Preshow

Troy Lerwill
Daredevil Rodeo Clown & Barrelman

Have you ever seen The Wild Child perform? If you have you will never forget it! “The Wild Child” Troy Lerwill’s act is one of a kind. He started on a little motorcycle with training wheels, cracking jokes in his rodeo clown get-up. When a rodeo announcer in California challenged him to jump a child-sized truck on a dirt bike, he thought “why not?” The crowd loved it! It got him thinking and soon he built a ramp and took it, along with his full-sized truck, down to a hay field and started experimenting. In 1999 he started the act that made him renowned in the Rodeo Industry and six-time winner of PRCA Comedy Act of the Year, three-time winner of WNFR Barrelman and two-time winner of “Coors Man In the Can”!

Coming from a rodeo family, he was always more intrigued with the clowns and the bullfighters, and found his “calling” in the arena making people laugh! He went to bullfighting school to learn the art of clowning around with angry beasts, but his love affair with dirt bikes and years of professional motocross are what makes flying through the air with nothing but a piece of metal between his legs look effortless and almost easy!

You can see his act 99 times, and the 100th time will still be hysterical-heart-racing-cover-your-eyes-but-can’t-exciting!!! That’s why you will never forget it!

(by Ted Harbin)

Make plans now for Rodeo Wild Child, Troy Lerwill